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Lavender Dream - A wedding story.

Lavender. I absolutely love lavender. It's gorgeous, soft, romantic and feminine without being girly.

When my bride Tanya came to me and said that she wanted purple for her wedding, I cringed inwardly.

Purple. Oh dear, I had seen this color done so poorly.

As we began to collaborate and discuss her dream wedding it became evident that she meant lavender. As the wedding unfolded she mentioned having everyone in ivory but desperately wanting to add purple somewhere.

So, I suggested the flowers and other wedding details but mainly in the flowers. She allowed me to imagine, to dream and it was decided that we would invest several different shades of purples, including lavender in her floral arrangements, and it was stunning.

Every time I am doing a full production I love to create a visual story. Something for my brides to see that put all their thoughts, ideas in one collage. Hers looked like this.

Here's how her gorgeous wedding came together. Hints of lavender were found in the flowers, the table runner, the flower girls & the wedding cake.



Photography: W4 Photography

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