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A Romantic Elopement

When Ashlie and Brendon approached me about their wedding they wanted an intimate elopement but not one that looked as though it was casually thrown together. They talked about their wedding in many details and took a firm stance that this elopement was going to be something that was like a day in a fairytale book. She wanted to feel like a princess. No detail spared. They wanted this day to be just about them, planned in immaculate detail. Ashlie & Brendon also wanted every table setting, every flower arrangement and every special moment to be captured. So this is precisely what I set out to accomplish.

I often find myself taking ideas and concepts from my brides and recreating something that is cohesive and that makes sense stylistically. Bride’s usually have so many ideas that are often in separate directions they don’t know which style they like more, which one to go with so they mix them all together. This a very important aspect to me as a designer.

My bride Ashlie loved color. She loved spring colors, she loved summer colors, even the deep burgundy of fall and wanted to somehow put them all together in one melting pot for an April wedding. This is where the challenge was. How to marry all three seasons and still make the pallet something that made sense for April 5th, 2017.

To do this, I decided to go for a spring/summer look by combining all the colors she loved in a way that was tasteful.

Now anyone who knows me, knows that I am a stickler when it comes to color. Color is very important to me and I believe it is something that can make or break your wedding décor. If you choose tones that don’t work well together or cheapen the overall look, you may invest the same amount of money but it won’t look that way. I always advise my brides that aren’t good with color to get a professional opinion or do something that is simple.

In Ashlie’s case- I knew the perfect combination and I was excited for the challenge, and really excited about using color!

In order to achieve the look, I put most of the color in the flower arrangements and was very specific on what I desired to see. I wanted deep pinks, fuchsias, coral, peach and soft pink- even a few burgundy colored flowers to add depth and stay true to a color that Ashlie loved- Inspired Design nailed this perfectly.

When I work with a bride who is desiring a package with design, full production or floral artistry I always like to create a visual pallet. Something that you can look at and really get a sense of the direction as it showcases your ideas onto one page. It was no different for Ashlie and Brendon's wedding. Here is the wedding day color & design pallet collage for Ashlie & Brenden.

Ashlie was stunning in her wedding gown. She radiated beauty, elegance and was every bit of a modern princess. She chose something simple yet romantic. And her wedding dress was peach. I’ve seen blush several times but peach was a fresh touch!

HOT TREND ALERT: Simple Wedding Gowns

Ashlie’s wedding dress was made in simple tulle fabric. The overlapping tulle at the bodice added just enough character to this timeless gown.


Yes, indeed yes. Ball gowns are making a comeback. For a long time all we saw was fitted styles of lace, lace and more lace and the ball gown remained dead on the racks. However, brides started wanting something different then a fitted lace dress to wear. It’s about making a statement, but not a statement that you will regret in a few years that’s why a simple ball gown is the perfect balance.

The wedding venue that they chose was Richie Hill in Charlotte NC. Ritchie Hill is a gorgeous white mansion with beautiful gardens, balconies and porches. The charm of this venue is it southern feel with underlying modern weaved into the décor, furniture and remodel. This is a venue that is an empty slate and you can make it southern, vintage, even classic and modern. This was a perfect venue for their elopement.

I decorated the first look moment that was held inside the home at the staircase. The staircase was wrapped in a eucalyptus Garland and lanterns. Gorgeous!

And look at this beautiful couple! How lovely are they! I love Brandon's expression here.

Of course, the unpredictable happened. In this case, it was rain. Because of the weather we moved the ceremony to the covered driveway – and it couldn't have been more perfect. The rain eventually stopped and just left the air cool, crisp and the smell fresh. The ceremony was decorated with a shimmer peach colored fabric and beautiful garland made of eucalyptus. I also finished the touches with beautiful lanterns and rose petals around the alter.

HOT TREND ALERT: The ever-gorgeous garland.

Ah, I absolutely love garland. It always looks lush, elegant and vintage. Ashlie added Garland to the staircase for their ‘First Look’ moment as well as the ceremony arch.

The reception was my favorite aspect. Here you saw all the colors, the romance and elegance. Because Ashlie wanted a vintage look we added mixed patterns with her dishware, china and silverware as well as vintage candlesticks (*Rented from Evermore rentals) and of course, the main centerpiece at the head table (* flowers by Inspired Design of NC). Of course, none of these decorations could upstage this beautiful couple who had an amazing ease with one another stealing kisses, glances and smiles throughout the evening.

The cake was simple – almost a touch of modern. It was decorated with sugar flowers and real flowers. Inspired Design and myself collaborated with Sky’s the Limit Cakes to add even more color to finish the stunning cake. HOT TREND ALERT: Color, color and more color.

Color. Brides want to see more then just white or pale pink in their color pallets. More and more Brides are adding fun hues, mixing deep colors with bold one and softening it with the right pastel tones or muted colors. HOT TREND ALERT: Mixed Patterns

Bride’s are loving patterns. No longer do they want everything to match they are wanting mixed patters, something more eclectic that is till cohesive and looks put together. This element was brought in by the dishes that we chose. Patterned china, pink class salad plates and glasses. All together it created this colorful pallet and gave this wedding a vintage finish.

And of course, the first dance. Wow!

Ashley and Brandon love to dance. They really wanted to make this moment intimate, romantic and very detailed with the decor. Creating this special moment was very important to them. To accomplish this look we set out a farm table to begin the backdrop. I then added beige chiffon, a mixture of lanterns and candles and of course, flowers. Because of the rain, you could see the fog in the air which created an even more romantic, dreamy look. I think we just watched in awe at the stunning first dance.

HOT TREND ALERT: Less is more with make-up, hair and jewelry

This was very true in the case of Ashlie. She kept her hair simple, her make-up natural with a hint of glamour and she even had vintage earrings (which she ended up forgetting to put in her ears!) She looked lovely and honestly, even without jewelry her look seemed complete.

The last detail, this gorgeous couch in the beautiful burgundy color completed this vintage (with modern touches) wedding. Here’s the two of them relaxing, her head on his shoulder as this fairytale night ended.

Congratulations to the gorgeous couple!

Love & Bliss


Vendors from Ashlie & Brendon's Wedding

Cinematography: Fesiuk Films Photography: W4 Photography Wedding & Event Planner: Elena Weddings and Events Wedding Venue: Ritchie Hill Dress/shoes/earrings: Paige and Elliott - Bridal Boutique Dishware/Tables/Accessories: Evermore - Classic & Vintage Rentals Flowers: Inspired Design of NC Cake: Sky's The Limit Bridal Sweets Invitations: Sweetest Beginnings Stationary and Design Hair: Mirror Bomb Studio Makeup: Layne Barter Makeup

Did you know that Elena Events does all-inclusive Elegant Elopements?

Yes, we do!


Are you planning an elegant elopement in the Asheville area? Look no further! This is the perfect package for the bride who is having a small elopement and doesn’t want to worry about the details. This package is all inclusive from planning, décor, flowers and your wedding cake!


  • Initial planning of ceremony

  • Wedding day overview – style, theme, design

  • Vendor recommendations

  • Unlimited phone calls and e-mail

  • Wedding day timeline

  • Bridal Bouquet

  • Groom’s boutonnieres

  • 2 Additional boutonnieres for family members

  • Ceremony Décor

  • 2 tier Wedding Cake

Additional services $200

  • Reception table décor

From my blog 2017 WEDDING TRENDS

I find wedding trends quite amusing. I used to work as a consultant at a wedding dress boutique and I remember predicting trends. I remember talking about different colors falling in the mix, deep necklines, satin making a comeback, extensive bead work and off-the-shoulder. At first, I was given looks like, ‘are you certain?’ and sure enough the next season these dresses would appear on the runway. I love it even more so when I am decorating and throwing around ideas to a bride who allows me to run with my imagination and it becomes fashionable a few months later. I don’t know if it’s because I like the challenge of trying something different or my European sense of style or perhaps (the most likely) is just pure luck! Either way, I love when things are on point, beautiful and work out better then imagined. So, when it comes to what’s trending in 2017 let’s begin with my favorite- wedding décor & design.

A year ago, I designed a wedding and combined a classic and ethereal style… which apparently is now has been identified as ‘mismatched harmony’ and ‘sophisticated whimsy’.

Back then, I just called it ethereal fairy-tale. It was the best way for me to verbalize my brides’ wishes and vision- because untimely that’s what matters most.

The overall effect of this wedding was very romantic with candelabras, elaborate floral centerpieces, whimsical greenery, lanterns and a soft color pallet.

I certainly loved to see that it is now a fashion trend of 2017. This, along with slightly mismatched elements and styles. Gone are the days of one style and look. Many modern brides love blending colors, patterns and textures that complement each other but don’t necessarily match perfectly in style or color.

Other looks that are still very much in trend for 2017 is Metallic colors, neutrals, soft blues and grays as well as blush. Yes, blush is still one of the most sought after colors because of its timeless appeal. Many brides desire a vintage look but want something different, a twist, a pop or some “wow” factor to set their wedding apart from the rest. Since Pinterest has taken center stage when it comes to planning your wedding, brides often don’t want what’s been seen time and time again. They desire something of their own that represents them but still keeps the timeless wedding traditions.

Something that is also on the rise is lounge areas. This is a way to enhance your décor’ and still create a cozy area where you guests can mingle and socialize in a comfortable relaxed setting.


Leafy greenery, garland, burgundy flowers, succulents, fresh picked, wild flowers are among what is currently trending. These beautiful florals capture that ethereal, whimsical look that is so stylish.


Many brides are opting for a dessert bar. This option can be a stunning centerpiece and it caters to their guests who like different dessert options or have food allergies. However, many brides still desire to a traditional cake cutting moment so they opt for a small cake as the centerpiece and the desserts displayed around the table. It’s a win, win.

Other cakes that are trending are metallic options, a blend of whimsical & classic, naked cakes and elegant greenery and florals as embellishment.

To my gorgeous 2017 brides- I hope you are excited! These are beautiful trends for 2017 that are quite timeless and romantic. However, when it comes to your wedding- there are no rules. Do what you dream, it’s a beautiful celebration of love so make it all your own.

Love & Bliss



To read more Wedding Blogs about design, décor, bridal tips and budget ideas visit my website:

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