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Beautiful and unique ideas for your wedding!

I love beautiful weddings. I also like unique wedding. I love the decor that is not standard, as well as colors, themes and styles that are unique. Also, creative elements can make your wedding stand apart.

Live painting.

Having a live painter at is a relatively new addition that has graced the wedding scene. This can be very entertaining and add a posh element to your wedding day. The painting is also a wonderful keepsake memory that you can hang in your home.


Having interesting colors, or colors that you don't often see can add a unique touch. When choosing this option, be careful not to over-do. If choosing colors isn't your strong suit , then its better to be simpler then trying to be unique and getting it wrong.

Unique flowers.

I love flower shapes, colors and unique looks. This is always a great way to create an interesting look in the details while keeping everything else timeless. When it comes to this area, I would highly encourage you to leave the work to a professional florist.

Lounge area's

Lounge areas are quickly becoming a thing. Understandably so. It's a remarkable way to make your guests feel relaxed and ready for a social evening, You can make your lounge area fancy or simple, whatever matches your desired wedding day vibes.

Alright my lovely brides! Make your wedding unique, make it you.



Photos courtesy of Pinterest.

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