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Can Hiring Elena Events save you money? YES!

Most of the time, people think that they are saving money by not hiring a planner, and in some form, maybe. Here at Elena Events we want to save you money and yes, hiring a wedding planner can help with that.


1. Network with vendors and negotiate rates.

2. Know the best deals around, and how to make the most of every item purchased or rented .

3. Know the ins and out of capitalizing on your decor, and what to spend money on.

4. Design and color speak loud. With the right design and color choices your budget wedding can look like a lavish, stunning dream. Often brides don't realize how much of a part this plays and it can make or break the beauty of your wedding. Someone has to have the right eye and taste to establish this.

5.Book the Save & Flourish package! This will enable you to enjoy the wedding planning process & have someone there to make sure things are seamless and take the STRESS away. This package includes design & decor & wedding coordination and simple floral. So no need to hire a florist! Inquire today!

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