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E-HOW- Wedding colors for the clueless


Wow, this is an important one for me. Colors matter so much in making you wedding look elegant, expensive or something low-budget and thrown together.

Color is also a great indication of taste.

Colors can also reveal a lot about your personality and style.

I love beautiful colors and tones. Here are a few hints when choosing your color pallet.

1. Don't mix too many colors & tones.

There is nothing that could make or break you wedding more then choosing a terrible color pallet. Such as bright intense colors with muted, soft tones. Once in a while you can make it very beautiful and tasteful, but you have to really know you pallet to do it well.

It is always safer to do less then try to do something and get it horribly wrong.

2. Beautiful Neutrals.

Neutrals are always beautiful, clean and can been soft or modern.You can use warm tones or cool tones or both. Neutrals are easy to work with and you can mix several colors and keep you wedding cohesive.

3. Blush

Blush is classic. It has become quite the wedding color. You can mix it with different pinks, deep pink or dark pinks & maroon or just keep it blush on its own. This is a safe color choice that has a timeless quality about it.

4. Bright colors.

With bright colors it is important to be very mindful. There are ways to do it well and ways to make the colors take the attention away from the bride. Brights are happy energetic and fun and perfect for a fun wedding a summer wedding or a fairy neutral wedding with a pop of color. That;s my favorite kind.

5. Blues/Greens/Purples

Tone, tone, tone. These are tough colors to work with and can look terrible very quickly. I prefer soft, deep, or muted tones of these colors to keep things elegant and pretty.

6. Mauve

A new hot color that I absolutely love for the bride who doesn't know if she likes pink, purple, beige or gray....because this is a mixture of them all. Mauve is a color that is new color but has a timeless quality, an elegant one and even a bohemian feel. It is a color that we are seeing more of but it is still beautiful every time.

7 Mixed patterns.

This is something that also needs to be done well , with taste and class. This is a look that is growing very popular but can also be done well or poorly dependent to the patterns and colors chosen.

The wonderful thing about mixing prints & patterns is you can still keep solids in the mix.

Closing thoughts:

When you are choosing colors try to go with colors that match your wedding. Don't choose a color just because you like it or its a favorite. Choose something that is true to style & concept of your wedding.

Happy planning!

Love & Bliss


Photos: Courtesy of Pinterest

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