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A surprise vow renewal.

Sam approached me wanting to surprise his wife of 7 years with a vow renewal wedding celebration. They had run off to Mexico and eloped and she had not had the opportunity to have her family there, to be walked down the aisle by her father & have a wedding cake. It was a fun planning endeavor.Of course I had to find ways to gather information on what type of cake she wanted without giving anything away. The day finally came and she was told that they were going to do a wedding photo shoot so I picked her up in the morning & we went to shop for a wedding dress...and we found one. It fit her perfectly and it unzipped at the bottom into a short dress. She got ready, had her make up done and she arrived at the Botanical Gardens. A small arch with her husband and the preacher awaited her. Her family and close friends stood at the ceremony site. I met her when her car pulled up, handed her a rose bouquet and her father held out his arm to walk her down the aisle. We pulled it off without a hitch! She was surprised. The small party reception was held at her parents house and everyone ate dinner and did a toast & cut the wedding cake. Take a look!

Photography: W4 Photography

Cake: Karen Donatelli

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