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If I had an hour...

If I had some time to sit with my brides and help them along the process. I would sit down (most likely with coffee & maroons) and tell them a few things that would help them during this very special sometimes crazy time

So, if I had an hour these are the tips I would give you.

Photographer: Galina Tumash

1. Just. Breathe.

Yes, just breathe!

I think some brides go into stress zone. They have it in their mind that every person has to understand the stress they're under. I think that sometimes in the doing you can easily forget to be in the moment and enjoy the process. This is a special time. If you do things in advance you won't be as stressed and you will be able to enjoy the planning journey and so will those around you.

2. Everything will come together. It always does.

It always come together! Somehow.

I have planned and experienced some crazy moments and situations but everything comes together, and usually the only people that know anything is amiss is the bridal Party and the planner of course ;) ) The more you plan , the better. Make lists so you don't forget. Get as much done ahead of time as possible, or if the whole idea of planning a wedding is stressful then hire a planner. It is worth your sanity and peace. Planning is not for everyone, and that's ok.

3. Don't sweat the small stuff.

Seriously, chillax!

Focus on the most important aspects of your day.

If you are planning your own wedding then understand that you will miss details, that its challenging being the bride and making sure things happen up to par. Enjoy your husband, enjoy the moments, the joy and celebrating love.

4. DIY is not always the best option.

I think more brides are FINALLY realizing this. Often, in the beginning of my planning sessions I find myself having to get realistic with brides. Those who have this elaborate pinterest wedding that they want but don't have the proper budget. There are so many factors they they don't consider. Some DIY is doable and worth doing however, there are a lot of projects that when you consider time, resource and skills may not be all that much cheaper and my not turn out how you plan. If you're a crafty, creative bride then perhaps DIY is a good for you if not, then be careful when choosing DIY projects.

5. In theory you will have all the time in the world.

In theory. I think most brides feel this way. That they will have plenty of time to get all the supplies, to create their DIY projects to look for the perfect colors /dresses/decorations. Even on the day Plenty of time for hair and make-up (will 10 other girls). PLEASE do not procrastinate. This will add unnecessary stress. If you have a planner, she will make sure to keep you in check & on point. However, If you do not you risk falling behind. Be mindful of time- because it passes very quickly.

6. Don't stress too much over the budget.

Be mindful of your budget but make your day what you want it to be so you won't look back with regrets.

I can't count how many brides have settled on this or that and wish they hadn't. Choose what's most important to you, and spend on that. For example, if it's having the perfect dress- buy it (within reason)! If it's the ambiance of your day then spend on flowers, decor and candles. In other words determine what most important to you and work you budget around that. In a few years time when looking back, a few hundred dollars won't make a difference but can make all the difference.

7. Have fun!

Don't take yourself too seriously. Enjoy every moment as much as possible! This is such a special time. Do what you can, try to be organized and the rest...roll with it. Learn to laugh at the moments that aren't perfect because those are the greatest memories!

Love & Bliss


Phortographer: Galina Tumash

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