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I'm engaged! Now what?

I often hear brides tell me that they are overwhelmed and they don't know where to start. So, where do you start when it comes to the wedding planning process.

1. Date. Place. Dress.

These are the first 3 things to straighten out. These are the ones that can cause the most stress and anxiety. Once the bride checks these three off the list, she feels more accomplished, less overwhelmed and like she has things kicked into gear.

"Um... I have that what?"

2. Figure out your theme, your personal style.

What did you envision your wedding day being like, the atmosphere, the decor and the overall feeling. I have had several brides come to me with a variety of styles, colors and concepts. Some that totally clash or that compete with each other. The good thing is -the current trend calls for more mismatched, more textures and a few different cohesive styles. So, if you're that bride, you very well might be able to make your theme work. Pinterest is a great way to figure out your taste.

3. Choose colors.

Choose colors that compliment each other in tone. I wouldn't mix deep colors with pastels or too many colors, especially bold colors. If you have too many different colors in your scheme they can work against creating an elegant feel to your wedding. I personally like a pop of color as the accent color along with neutrals.

4. Secure Vendors.

There is nothing that will make you feel at ease then booking your vendors. Do some research, look at photos (because that's a good idea of what you will be getting), make sure that you like what you see and then meet with them. Meeting face to face will help you make a decision- follow your gut. Make sure you're on the same page.

5. Finish with the decor details.

Finalize colors, decorations and the little details that will make your day magical. Try to avoid purchasing too many things that don't have a designated spot. Often brides that DIY their wedding find themselves lost in Hobby Lobby and other stores purchasing things that look cute or that the could 'possibly' use. Go with things that are certain. If you need to, create a mock up table to give you a sense of what you still need and what you don't.

And finally, try to enjoy the process. If it's not your thing, hire a planner who loves it!

Love & Bliss,


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